The office party begins around 7pm with an informal mingling over some drinks and snacks. Photographer Jason Falchook sets up to take corporate headshots of the participants. See resulting photos in the slideshow below.

Around 8:00pm, Piero Passacantando invites the guests to sit down and gather around the conference room tables. He gives a quick introduction to the MyNerva and yields the floor to Mica Scalin of The Alternative Speakers Bureau. She begins by giving an overview of the night's agenda and introduces the first speaker, Ms. Ilise Carter.

Ms. Carter is dressed in business attire and carries a sport bag. As she is describing her experience at her day job as a financial editor, she begins undressing, revealing a corset. From the sport bag, she extracts a sword and recounts how she has become the Lady Aye, a sideshow sword-swallowing performer. Then she elects an assistant from the participants, which coincidentally is EFA’s project space director Michelle Levy, and proceeds to swallow the sword. The assistant extracts the sword.  

Next on the agenda is a presentation by Dr. Ruth Hashtaganaut PhD, about her recent studies on COFD (Chronical Occupational Failure Disorder). She introduces a case study of her central subject Emma Gordon and guides the audience through some telltale examples of Emma's behaviors which show COFD tendencies. While doing this, she engages the audience in voting on Emma's choices: a, b, awesome or slutty.  

Then, it is the turn of a retiring employee Rob Neill. After receiving a card signed by various participants and performers, he expounds his enormous gratitude to the company. He then proceeds to distribute peanuts, to which he is deadly allergic, to the audience with chopsticks in what can be best described as a mesmerizing break in space time.

Mica Scalin takes the floor again to introduce a final PowerPoint about the official Codes of Conduct for office social events prepared by Amelia Bareparts. Bareparts begins this lecture dressed in full professional work attire but is quickly distracted and confused. To the surprise and ecstatic joy of all participants she begins to remove her clothing and ends up in a thong, pasties and strategically placed Post It notes.

Finally, it is the turn of Ian Edgar, who plays a live audio video remix set featuring samples from “The Office” and other popular movies and TV shows, youtube tutorials and a even a twerking Miley Cyrus. The conference table is moved aside, party crashers join in, limbo sticks come out, inappropriate invitations begin to fly and the night is capped off with lots and lots of boozy dancing.