Photos by Aline Shkurovich

Session 3

We are reunited at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts for our Session 3. The cubicle space has been altered again. According to the outcome of the brainstorm from the previous week, a cubicle is now painted and although more mint was planted, it did not survive the low-light conditions.  

Intro - Piero Passacantando gives a brief introduction on the origin of the project for new comers. He recounts how getting a day job for a healthcare related software company lands him in his first cubicle and prompts him to question its historyHe explains the theme of the day: creative approaches to interact with the workspace both with ones own body, through group movements and subversive interventions. He then gives the floor to the leaders of the first workshop.

Interactive Movement Workshop - Maija Garcia, director of Organic Magnetics – a theater organization that creates live installations using sustainable innovation- and  artist and musician Forrest Lewinger introduce themselves to the audience. The workshop begins. Maija  warms up the participants with a series of exercises in which the participants interact with each other in various ways while Forrest begins playing a composition of sounds he recorded at his day job as an assistant in a ceramic studio (Forrest also created all the office planters around the space). Maija then instructs the participants to move to the cubicle space, and commences to choreograph an accumulation of bodies moving in space, a structured improvisation that results in a machine. These movements are accompanied by and respond to Forrest's soundscapes which in turn are effected by the participants movements and sounds.

After the conclusion of this section of the workshop, Manuela Leal takes the floor and introduces her project Corporate Body: tales from an anonymous life. In her words:

"Corporate Body presents a slide show of images from a working life, 2009-2010, discussing the threshold of bearable commuting, hearing hushed silences in post-modern skyscrapers, the american dream, meeting people's puffy faces in the bathroom while the security guard is waiting to escort them out of the building, wanting to do something that "said something to me about my life"; sort of like what Morrisey once said, wearing a suit at work then changing into vintage to meet the world dressed as "yourself", oh and quitting." 

Right after, we begin the Collective Brainstorm and Office Pantry Potluck. Participants engage in a brainstorming session while eating, drinking and informally talking around the table. They are encouraged to write their ideas about the possible transformation of the cubicle for the following day on Post-It notes. These are then affixed to the white board. The notes from the previous sessions are also included. The participants vote on their favorite ideas.