Photos by Aline Shkurovich


We are reunited at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts for our Session 2. The cubicle space has already been altered, with the addition of a cubicle on top of a cubicle (a "bunkubicle") and of a small garden.

Intro - Piero Passacantando gives a brief introduction on the origin of the project for new comers. He recounts how getting a day job for a healthcare related software company lands him in his first cubicle and prompts him to question its history. Today he emphasizes how one of his interests is the body in the office space and in particular in techniques to improve the physical wellbeing of the worker. He then gives the floor to Chelsea Kostek, of Chrome Yoga

Office Body Well Being - Chelsea begins her workshop on movement in the office space.  The focus is on the importance of posture and continuous movement for office workers who are typically saddled to a desk and chair. Chelsea uses her knowledge of yoga, somatics, anatomy, and dance to demonstrate and teach a series of movements aimed at keeping one’s mind and body polished.  She discusses the importance of finding one’s own method for releasing stress through movement and ways to mindfully incorporate this into your day.

Right after, we begin the Collective Brainstorm and Office Pantry Potluck. Participants engage in a brainstorming session while eating, drinking and informally talking around the table. They are encouraged to write their ideas about the possible transformation of the cubicle for the following day on Post-It notes. These are then affixed to the white board. The notes from the previous sessions are also included. The participants vote on their favorite ideas. 

The following day Piero Passacantando meets with Brian Balderston implement the new ideas for the Transmigration of the Cubicle. Photos coming soon!!