The Transmigration of the Cubicle - Piero Passacantando

Microwave/Office Fridge Potluck - All participants are asked to bring a dish to store in the office fridge, and to reheat it in the microwave if necessary. The food will be shared during the brainstorming sessions.

Office Planters - Forrest Lewinger. For his contribution to MyNerva he has created a series of text pieces that take the form of hand thrown ceramic office planters. The planters pull text from Richard Florida's "Rise of the Creative Class" to examine the way the artist and his process has been assimilated into corporate business culture. These planters were thrown while Forrest is at work at day job. The piece is meant not only as a sculptural intervention at MyNerva but as an intervention into his daily rituals as well. He will also contribute a sound piece where he will perform and augment field recordings he has collected at his own day job.

Office Posters - MRG Creative Group